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Do you need a d3 Designer USB key?

You have just added a software licence to your basket. To run d3 Designer, you will also need a d3 Designer USB key. Only with this physical USB key you'll be able to run d3 Designer software. If you do not have one yet because you are a first time d3 user, please buy the d3 Designer Starter Pack first (link) which includes the USB key.

Valid d3 Designer USB keys include:

  • expired d3 Evaluation keys
  • expired d3 Designer keys

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Product Image Notch & 2 Year Warranty License

Notch & 2 Year Warranty License


+VAT (if applicable)

The disguise gx range servers come with a 2 year Notch Playback license and warranty from time of purchase. If your server is reaching its 2 year mark, we offer our customers the option to renew their license with disguise.



Note: The Notch Playback license extension is only available to users with gx range servers. If you require a license for another model, please contact Notch directly.


For more information on Notch Playback, visit here: https://www.notch.one/products/notch-playback/


**VERY IMPORTANT**: Your disguise server serial number is required to renew your subscription. Please enter this in the ‘Notes’ text field of the checkout page.