Designer - Free until August 2022

Designer - Free until August 2022

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Get your license for Designer free for a limited time!

disguise now offers the option of activating your designer licence with or without a dongle. To find out which option is best for you, consult our FAQ.  

The licence runs alongside any paid licences you already have on the dongle. This means that any paid licences you have will be used first and once they run out, the remainder of the free license kicks in.    

  • For Windows 7 and up. See full system requirements
  • Full features list see our product page
  • Activation code will be sent in 1 business day via email
  • Once activated, the licence will automatically expire when the free license offer ends
  • If you have multiple licences, Designer will look for the ones partially used on the key first and continue to use those until time runs out. After that, it will activate the next purchased licence on the key. This means the clock only counts down for a single licence at a time
  • The licence will keep counting down even if you don't use designer in the purchased licence timeframe
  • Designer does not give you an output. To playback your show you will require hardware
  • To learn how to use designer, visit our video tutorials channel or user guide online.